Our Process

proc·ess1 ˈpräˌses,ˈpräsəs,ˈprō-/noun noun: process; plural noun: processes -a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.

Our process is the backbone to how we at PWA approach investments solutions for our clients. It is based on (3) three fundamental questions that help us decide if an investment should even be a consideration. These questions also allow us to segment individual holdings into one of two categories, Core and Explore. This determines how we then overlay our Discipline. It is the following of these two parts that define how we at PWA work alongside our clients to try to achieve the goals and dreams they have engaged us to strive for!

The Questions:

  1. Management?
  2. Dominance in their respective marketplace?
  3. Historical Data?

Management - We are looking for Tenure, Style, Team, Longevity, Compensation Style, Board Relationship, History, Success of inner circle, Education and any other information we deem relevant to success.

Dominance - We are looking for Percentage of Market share, Purchasing Power, Pipeline of Products, Cash flow, Competitive landscape, Dividend Growth History and all other relevant information we might require.

Historical Data - What we are looking for here is not the most recent annual returns look like but rather how did they perform relative to the overall markets or benchmarks it past times of volatility. Specifically, we are looking for Downside Capture Ratio.